Running le Défi du Jerzual Dinan

Sport : Le défi du Jerzual


Racing Program:
15:45 Race Chicks 500m (free)
16h00: Race Benjamins / minimal, 1000m (free)
16:30 Challenge against breast cancer, stroke and popular walking 5.5 km (8 €)
18.00: CHALLENGE JERZUAL, from cadets, 11km (11 €)

Terms of Registration:
Register on the site
Deadline 19/09/2017 at 22h. Registrations will be closed earlier if all the bibs were awarded. Regulation and download the license or medical certificate online. NO REGISTRATION ON THE DAY OF THE RACE (except children races)


Organization: Athletic Club Rance
Events: Course on asphalt, paving and exterior tow Rance, with passages on the old bridge Dinan and Lanvallay (return to the origins of the circuit)
Withdrawal of bibs: The 22/09 and 23/09, Esplanade of the Resistance, near the town hall, from 10am to 12.30pm and from 14.30.
Start and Finish: Esplanade of the Resistance, near the City of Dinan
Rewards: Rewards, batch draw, prizes for all participants.
Timing: For timekeeping chips. The Jerzual Challenge is part of the Challenge Crédit Agricole Pays de Dinan.


Opening the 23/09/2017