Running le Défi du Jerzual Dinan
Sport : Le défi du Jerzual


Racing Program:
15:45 Race Chicks 500m (free)
16h00: Race Benjamins / minimal, 1000m (free)
16:30 Challenge against breast cancer, stroke and popular walking 5.5 km (8 €)
18.00: CHALLENGE JERZUAL, from cadets, 11km (11 €)

Terms of Registration:
Register on the site
Deadline 19/09/2017 at 22h. Registrations will be closed earlier if all the bibs were awarded. Regulation and download the license or medical certificate online. NO REGISTRATION ON THE DAY OF THE RACE (except children races)


The Air Show in Dinan

Air show Dinan

The combination Dinan AVIATION AND MEMORY, created in 2014 to promote local aviation heritage and boost Airfield DINAN-TRELIVAN, is pleased to announce that it will host its second air meeting Sunday, September 17, 2017.

This second edition will be placed under the sign of Maurice Halna Fretay.
Spectators will rediscover the history of this Dinannais aviator who gave his life for his country. For this, the association will try to bring in Dinan apparatus similar to the one he was flying when he disappeared in 1942. This rare aircraft will be accompanied by a dozen other aircraft, civilian and military, that will ensure four hour air show.

jazz en place dinan Jazz en Place Dinan
Festival - JAZZ EN PLACE

Infos and Programation :

Open : du 21/08/2017 au 27/08/2017

contact :

croisiere-jaman-5-dinan Croisiere Dinan Jaman V
Jaman V

Live guided cruise on the canal Ille and Rance from the port of Dinan, pass under three bridges, lock Léhon to the Abbey of Saint Magloire, the ruined castle of Dinan. Entertainment on board.


From April 1 to mid-October: 1h. D eParts at 11, 14:30, 16h, 5:30 p.m. depending on the season.
NOT cruises Mondays! (as of September 4, 2017)
Closed every Sunday morning.

tariff Complement:

Children: 2 to 15 years 

tour de l'horloge de Dinan beffroi Tour de l'Horloge
Clock Tower

Built in the late fifteenth century as a symbol of urban freedoms, Clock Tower offer, from its height of 46 meters, a panoramic view of the heart of the medieval city. Since 2013, the Tour offers visitors a film CGI Dinan restoring the eighteenth century.


Every day from March 25 to 30 September, 2017
March, April, May: from 14h to 18h
June, July, August, September: from 10h to 18h30
(last entry 45 minutes before closing time)

tariff Complement:

Free: - 8 years, professional artists (on presentation of card)
Reduced: 8-18 years, students and unemployed: € 2.50
Family Pass: 10 €

Chateau de Dinan Château de Dinan
Dinan Castle

Essential site, the Château de Dinan includes the keep the Duke of Brittany John IV, remarkable example of princely architecture of the late fourteenth century, and the tower of Coëtquen superb artillery tower built in the fifteenth century. Walking through the impressive rooms of the castle, discover the ingenuity of military architecture and sophistication of the daily life of medieval knights.


Every day from March 25 to 31 December 2017
in April, May, October, November and December: 13:30 to 17:30
June and September: 10 am to 18:30
July and August from 10h to 19h
(last admission 45 minutes before closing)

Guided tours of the Castle:
 June and September: daily except Monday at 15h and 16.30
 July-August: every day at 11am, 14h, 17h 3:30 p.m. ET
  Go to the castle. 

tariff Complement:

Free: - 8 years professional artists (on presentation of card)
Reduced price: students and unemployed, children from 8 to 18 years: € 2.50
Family Pass: 12 €

Night evenings from Dinan Castle:
At nightfall, the old stones of the dungeon Dinan come alive for you to discover the daily life of the Duke of Brittany John IV, his knights and servants. Accompanied by a tour guide and three actors, wandering down the stairs and large rooms will reveal many surprises and allow an unforgettable visit for the whole family.
From 11 July to 17 August: Tuesdays and Thursday nights
Prices: Adult € 7 - Child: 5 € 8 to 18+ students and job seekers. Free: - 8 years.
>Tickets available from the Reception desk

fort la latte plévenon cap fréhel Fort La Latte
Fort La Latte

A must see. Castle and strong. defensive elements of the fourteenth century are still in place, medieval garden, seasonal entertainment.


From 1 April to 30 September from 10.30am to 18pm.
From 8 July to 27 August from 10h30 to 19h.
School holidays: Halloween, Christmas, February, weekends and holidays: the afternoon.
Closed December 25 and January 1.

By appointment every day for groups making the request.

Medieval 2017: July 18 and 19 - on 8, 9 and 10 August.

tariff Complement: 

Child: - 12
Reduces up 12 years, college students, high school students, students, job seekers (required proof).

Guided visits of Dinan

In long, wide, and through ..

Dinan, City of Art and History, located at the bottom of the estuary of the Rance. It is still surrounded by ramparts, the largest and oldest in Brittany.